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When it comes to radio stations in Central Australia, Northern Territory, there are plenty of options to choose from catering to different interests and niches. From local community radio stations to commercial ones, we’ve compiled a list of all the receivable stations in the area along with their band and frequency. Community Radio Stations: 1. 8CCC Community Radio – 102.1 FM 8CCC is a non-profit, community-based radio station that broadcasts in various languages, including local Aboriginal languages, reflecting the diversity of the community. 2. CAAMA Radio – 100.5 FM CAAMA Radio is an Aboriginal-owned and operated radio station that features music, interviews, and discussions related to Aboriginal culture and issues. 3. RIBS FM – 106.9 FM RIBS FM is run entirely by volunteers and focuses on local news, events, and music, with a particular emphasis on country and rock genres. 4. Alice Springs Community Radio – 8HA – 900 AM Alice Springs Community Radio features a blend of music and talk shows covering topics such as sport, environment, and politics. Commercial Radio Stations: 1. ABC Alice Springs – 783 AM ABC Alice Springs is the local branch of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, offering a mix of news, current affairs, and entertainment programs. 2. Sun 969 – 96.9 FM Sun 969 is a commercial radio station that plays contemporary pop hits and targets a young demographic. 3. Hot 100 – 100.1 FM Hot 100 is a commercial radio station that features a mix of music, news, and talk shows aimed at the general audience. 4. MIX 104.9 – 104.9 FM MIX 104.9 is a commercial radio station that plays hits from the 80s, 90s, and today's hits. 5. 8HA Local Radio – 8HA – 900 AM 8HA Local Radio is a commercial radio station that features a mix of music, news, and talk shows, targeting the local community. 6. Triple J – 101.3 FM Triple J is a national youth-oriented radio station that features alternative and independent music, as well as news and special interest programs. Conclusion Whether you're interested in local news, music, or culture, Central Australia, Northern Territory, has plenty of radio stations to satisfy your needs. From community radios showcasing local talent, to commercial ones targeting different demographics, you can tune in to any of these stations to stay entertained and informed.

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